A Botanical Dream World

I love the land. My mother instilled that in me from childhood. Our home was always filled with potted plants, freshly cut flowers, and produce from the local farm. On a cool spring morning, she would throw open the windows and let the breeze inside, freshening each corner of our home. It was magical.

Sometimes the wind would blow the door open and I’d see her laboring away in the garden. She would walk in with a bundle of greens, rosy cheeks, and soil under her fingernails. She smelled of flowers and earth. If I had a camera, I would have taken a picture.

Living in the city has been a new adventure for us. A joyous one! But we often feel the pull to the unaltered terrain of our childhood. To canopy of leaves. To the dark rich soil. Visiting Atlanta’s Botanical Garden was a little bit like that. Unlike other gardens that we have visited, this one was a little more wild. A respite from the city’s continuous bustle.

We went with our family friends and experienced the joy of the gardens through a child’s eyes. We walked slowly. We touched every leaf. In the conservatory, we pretended to be on a jungle adventure and marveled at the massive tropical plants.

It’s truly amazing how much fun can be had in a garden.

At the end of the night, just as the sun was beginning to set, we rounded a corner and discovered a stunning botanical sculpture [pictured below]. Of course, because we all love Moana, we endearingly named her Te Fiti. I had no shame being equally as excited about it as my sweet five-year-old friend. Pictures truly didn’t suffice.

The gardens were a botanical dream world; a world from which we did not want to wake.

One day we’ll write a travel guide for this city, but until then, if you’re visiting Atlanta, we highly recommend the gardens. ~B

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